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Ultimate Solution for Growing and Maintaining a Robust Database of Prospective Coaching Clients

Who are Hungry for Your Unique Expertise
Attention all coaches, NLP practitioners, counselors and therapists.

Chances are you’re missing out on the ability to harness your business and take it to a level you’ve only dreamed about.

But Why?

1. Why are you missing the boat?

2. Why are you staying grounded when others around you are soaring?

The answer lies with your ability to market properly, based on acquiring and nurturing targeted leads who will help you launch more one-to-one programs, more group programs, more of everything. Here at Noble Manhattan Coaching, we have been training coaches since the mid-90s.

In fact we are the longest established company that trains life coaches and executive coaches in the whole world (outside the USA) so we have a huge track record and vast experience in both training coaches and then helping them to build and grow very successful coaching practices.

We are now taking many of the skills we have learned and are making them available for the first time ever in this new innovative format to help you build a financially rewarding, exciting, and profitable professional practice.

This system has been tested for over two years and has been PROVEN to generate thousands of prospects and Leads for your coaching or consulting business.

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