How it Works

Get Coaching Leads

is a highly sophisticated dynamic and effective way of generating prospects for your personal coaching business whether you are a Personal Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Team Coach this unique system will help you to generate a regular stream of people interested in your coaching service.

We have created a unique Sales Landing Page at and the ability for you to drive traffic to this page so that when they download the available reports they  complete a questionnaire indicating how interested they are in receiving information on personal coaching from a professional coach.

This information is then immediately passed to you for you to get in touch with that prospect.

We do this by providing you with your own  unique personalized link.

  • We provide a unique sales Landing Page website
  • All hosting
  • Full IT Support
  • Constant updates
  • The ability for you to generate coaching prospects from all over the world
  • It works 24 hours a day-  generating prospects while you sleep

All you have to do is to promote that link to your email database, on your website, social media, blogs, through joint ventures and many other ways. Our system will do the rest. We have been using this system very successfully worldwide for over seven years and it has produced countless prospects and sales.

All of the above for the unusually low investment of £18 per month or £195 for a year – what many coaches charge for just one session.