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Here at the Noble Manhattan Coaching Group , as a result of our growth and expansion, we often have a number of positions and opportunities for people to work with us and join our faculty worldwide.

Currently we trade in 31 Countries and deliver our services in 7 Languages. Please feel free to look at the following vacancies and make contact to enquire further


Business Development Manager for Coach Radio International

We are currently looking for business development managers (BDMs) For Coach Radio International who will report directly to our international General Manager. The job role will involve generating presenter sales for Coach Radio International. The expected earnings for this position are very attractive and will be on a revenue sharing platform. To find out more please head over to


Support Group Leaders for Coaching Support Groups

We currently have the opportunity of appointing a number of Support Group Leaders worldwide. The right individuals will have excellent communication skills and a proven track record of working successfully in teams. The benefits of being a support group leader are huge. To find out more please contact us via this form.

Strategic Partners Workplace Coaching

We are looking for established and ethical businesses to partner with us. We will supply you with your own coach training division which will be co-branded. This will work on a revenue sharing platform. For more information contact us


We are looking for Business Development Managers


Currently the fastest growing peer-to-peer executive boards in the World.

Alpha Group Regional Director

The Alpha Group are looking for regional directors. For more information –

Job Opportunities

There are currently 4 positions we are hoping to fill:

Support Group Leaders

Support Group “We are currently looking to welcome new staff as Support group Leaders. This is a fantastic opportunity for all entrepreneurs looking to promote coaching in their city/area and establish great recognition in the business and coaching world. You will become a leader in your local coaching industry, and as a result reap the rewards in the form of private and corporate coaching contracts. You will be trained for the role by Noble Manhattan, acquiring all the skills, knowledge and support to flourish as a coaching group leader. By accepting this position you will join the caring global Noble Manhattan family and have a life-time membership to its comprehensive support and boundless opportunities. No previous experience in coaching is necessary, but we do ask that all men and women considering applying have great interpersonal skills, coupled with the genuine desire to help people and themselves achieve extraordinary feats. We would hope to see that applicants are goal orientated, friendly and have a mind suited for an exciting and dynamic career in the business world. To enquire about any other positions, vacancies or opportunities within The Noble Manhattan Group Worldwide Simply email